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A positive and working therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist can dramatically enhance the outcome of treatment. It’s hard to put an exact number on the amount of sessions required, as this inevitably varies from individual to individual and depends on your own specific issues and goals.

Appointment sessions can be carried out on a traditional face-to-face basis either at my home in Fulham, or in the lovely space at The Light Centre Belgravia. If you prefer, we can arrange sessions online, through Zoom.

All sessions need to be paid for in advance, by bank transfer. If you aren’t able to make an appointment, I need 24 hours’ notice of cancellation – otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll be charged.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment, or have any further questions, please contact me today.

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Alexandra Taylor

Katie Abbott

CHYP HPD (Lic) Therapist and Coach

From the moment I met Alexandra I knew I was in the presence of a truly unique soul. I experienced in her a very natural ability to connect at a deep level. She brings truth, honesty and wisdom, effortlessly! I believe that Alexandra will become a leading figure in the world of wellbeing and if you have the opportunity to work with her as a client I would take this opportunity. She is a trustworthy, intelligent and intuitive practitioner.

Bill Cumming

It has been my privilege to work with Alexandra in our Pause Place program. Her access to the space of loving-kindness and thus her experience of the capacities that reside within all people is exceptional. She listens intently with her mind and heart. 

Lisa Wood

PG Cert (Clin Hyp)

If you are looking for a coach who will see your true essence you have found her. Alexandra has a clear open heart and tender presence. To connect with this soul is a deep joy. You will treasure your time with her.