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A healthy company is a wealthy company

In our fast-paced world, stress is becoming increasingly commonplace and burdensome. Employees are expected to manage a wealth of information: If it’s not emails, texts, and instant messaging, then it’s phone calls, co-workers, and the constant change of demands and deadlines. This stress does not just affect our personal wellbeing but also individual and collective performance in the workplace. Ultimately, within a business, stress has a negative effect on the bottom line.


Research into the wellbeing of companies has shown that happier and healthier employees are far more productive in the workplace. Meditation not only improves emotional wellbeing but enhances creativity, focus and resilience. Mental clarity, reduced stress and improved decision-making are just a few of the many benefits of regular meditation.


Alexandra is a Cognitive Therapist drawing upon techniques from CBT, Mindfulness and Life Coaching to optimise health and wellbeing in the workplace. Her classes are based on a variety of popular stress relief techniques including mindful meditation, relaxation, visualisation and breath-work, ensuring that you will find a method that resonates best with you.


She says, “for me, meditation isn’t about sitting cross-legged like a pretzel or humming on a mountain top, but rather finding a place of stillness amidst the chaos of everyday”. This belief is evident in her approach to teaching meditation, taking traditional mindfulness based techniques and making them relevant for the modern 21st century company.


Empower your employees with the tools to succeed and invite meditation into your workspace today.



One-to-One Sessions

Drawing upon techniques from CBT, Mindfulness and Resilience Training, one to one guidance gives employees the opportunity to find the best practice to suit them, providing them with tools to maintain a healthy and strong psychological flexibility. Any questions that arise can be discussed in depth to ensure a solid understanding and continuation of their practice. You will both notice and feel the difference after each session. Sessions can last between twenty minutes to an hour with both full day and half day options available.


Weekly Sessions

You recognise that meditation is the key to success and are ready to commit to the wellbeing of your company. Sessions can last anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour and will focus on reducing stress, increasing motivation and learning techniques that can be incorporated into your everyday life. A variety of mindful meditation approaches will be explored including breath, attention and mantra based practices as well as stress management and resilience training techniques.


Monthly Sessions

Perfect for team building days, end of month stress or pre deadlines, monthly sessions allow your employees the chance to step away from their desk and find some well deserved stillness, re-energising and refocusing the mind for the rest of the day. Sessions typically last between forty-five minutes to an hour but can be discussed to suit your needs. Sessions can also be themed to specific topics such as “set yourself up for a great day at work”.  

All package options are designed and tailored to your company’s request.  

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