It’s common sometimes to feel somewhat confused, or feel that life has gotten a little out of control. Finding someone that you trust to support you during this time can be scary and perhaps even uncomfortable.

When working with you, my primary intention is to create a safe and peaceful environment where we can talk openly and listen to each other.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment – Buddha

Basing my work on countless years of psychological research drawn from a variety of cultural roots, I have explored many therapeutic teachings, including Principle Based Psychology, Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Presence Intelligence. I also draw upon the many useful skills and teachings of Hypnotherapy.

I want to help you realise your goals and enhance all areas of your life, beginning with your mind. Together, we will explore what changes you have to make so that you can become the best version of yourself.


Anxiety is a natural reaction and is simply our unconscious mind alerting us to perceived threats and danger. However, prolonged or severe anxiety is unhealthy and can affect the way in which we respond or function in areas of our daily lives. Living in a city with high levels of noise pollution causes repeated surges of the stress hormone cortisol, leaving many of us feeling drained and overwhelmed. This reaction can then filter into other areas of life, resulting in feeling excessively anxious in some situations, which can lead to people holding back on what they want to achieve.

  • Are your thoughts stuck on repeat over something which causes you stress?
  • Is your sleep disrupted by your thinking on overdrive?
  • Do you spend excessive time in the past or future?

I provide an open and safe space for you to discover what is at the heart of your anxiety, helping you to go out in to the world feeling confident, self assured and free of restraints.

Destructive Thought Patterns

Do you sometimes just wish you could stop thinking and feel completely present in the current moment?

We tell ourselves stories every day, and it is these thoughts that shape the reality in which we live. Healthy or neutral thoughts provide us with energy, confidence and good spirits. But negative thinking can feel like a constant attack, negatively impacting upon our lives. It can affect our work, relationships and social enjoyment.
Together we will explore theories that encourage you to both change and accept these thoughts that hold you back, allowing you to experience a new kind of freedom. No longer will you be held prisoner by your thoughts. Contact me.

Exam Nerves

Unable to sleep?

Fear of failure?


These are all symptoms of nerves which can impact negatively on your performance. I want to help you overcome these nerves so that you can excel in your academic or work life.

We will explore what it is that causes you concern, and together we will work to build your confidence and self-esteem. Using a variety of relaxation methods to calm any pre-existing nerves, as well as improving your ability to focus and prepare, you will leave therapy feeling centred and motivated.


These are all symptoms of nerves which can impact negatively on your performance. I want to help you overcome these nerves so that you can excel in your academic or work life. We will explore which aspects cause you concern and together build your confidence and self belief. Using a variety of relaxation methods to calm any pre-existing nerves as well as improving your ability to focus and prepare, you will leave therapy feeling centred and motivated.

Low Confidence

The concept of ‘confidence’ gets thrown around a lot these days, distorting the psychological definition of self-effectiveness, an innate sense of trusting the core self. Often, it is society’s interpretation of ‘confidence’ that leads people to feel insecure.

A lack of confidence is often associated with weakness or an undesirable characteristic in your personality. We will work together to reframe your perception, leaving you feeling empowered, strong and confident. You may even find that through these sessions other areas in your life, such as personal relationships, work and personal interests improve with your newfound self-belief.

Far from being just a course of action for people who believe they are shy or insecure, this treatment is for anyone who feels they may have suffered a setback and who maybe need help to direct them back on course. Just imagine how it would feel to live your life feeling completely at ease with who you are.


Periods of unhappiness are completely natural. Without the lows, how could we appreciate the beauty of the highs? But if you feel stuck in repeated cycles of despondent thinking and negative emotions then perhaps you could benefit from counselling? Finding that person to trust and share these feelings with can be difficult, especially when you are uncertain why you have these emotions in the first place.

My room provides a haven for you to open up without fear of judgement. Drawing upon learnings from Principle Based Psychology and Acceptance Therapy we can then explore together what it is that is stopping you from living the wonderfully blissful life that you deserve. Contact me.

Social Anxiety

  • Do you often leave an event because you have found it too uncomfortable?
  • Do you find yourself thinking that you are boring?
  • Are you constantly worrying what others may think of you?
  • Do you shy away from people with perceived authority?

Social anxiety is a self-limiting issue in so many ways. It can prevent you from leading the life you want and can have serious ramifications on your family, social and work life. Learning to recognise and accept your emotional and physical needs is the first step towards developing a healthy social attitude.

Overcoming social anxiety often leads to an improved general well-being and will provide you with the motivation to achieve future goals. Contact me.

Social Media Anxiety

Social media is unavoidable; it’s all around us and can be an essential part of our lives in some cases. It can also be destructive though. It can damage our mind, body and soul. I have seen this happen to hundreds of people. I consider this area of study to be one of my specialities. Poor understanding and use of social media can lead to a whole host of problems such as anxiety, negative thinking, unhappiness and self-esteem issues.

Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone for a new message? Taking countless photos of your dinner to upload onto Instagram? Have alerts for all of your social media accounts to notify you of any new activity? Is your phone always to hand? FOMO (fear of missing out)?

Social media based anxiety is on the increase, affecting everyone from young teenagers to adults. If you constantly feel under pressure to let your friends and the world know where you've been, what you're wearing, or what you're eating, perhaps your perception of reality has become skewed by false images of perfection?

Together we will explore what is the at the core of the problem. We will reframe the way in which you approach social media and help you to rediscover a healthy balance where social media does not control your life. You may even find that through this process other areas in your life such as relationships, work and personal interests improve with your new attitude. Contact me.


Stress is an essential part of human nature. It is one of the reasons people have evolved so successfully.

However, stress levels today can be abnormally high due to the demands of modern society. There comes a time in your life where it can all become a bit much.

We will work together in a relaxed environment where you can make the necessary changes that will help you deal with the unhealthy levels of stress in your life. Contact me.



I literally loved everything about the session- it was all very well thought out. Alexandra's script was absolutely amazing - I don't think I have ever felt as relaxed as I did after the session.

Katie Abbott

CHYP HPD (Lic) Therapist and Coach

From the moment I met Alexandra I knew I was in the presence of a truly unique soul. I experienced in her a very natural ability to connect at a deep level. She brings truth, honesty and wisdom, effortlessly! I believe that Alexandra will become a leading figure in the world of wellbeing and if you have the opportunity to work with her as a client I would take this opportunity. She is a trustworthy, intelligent and intuitive practitioner.

Bill Cumming

It has been my privilege to work with Alexandra in our Pause Place program. Her access to the space of loving-kindness and thus her experience of the capacities that reside within all people is exceptional. She listens intently with her mind and heart. 

Lisa Wood

PG Cert (Clin Hyp)

If you are looking for a coach who will see your true essence you have found her. Alexandra has a clear open heart and tender presence. To connect with this soul is a deep joy. You will treasure your time with her.