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A Course in Wellbeing – 5 Weeks of Meditation & Relaxation

Living in London can be stressful and tiring at times. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings of anxiety. And when we feel like this, thoughts of our wellbeing take a back seat. It can seem like we don’t have the time, space or energy to meditate or simply relax. This 5 week course is designed around that, encouraging you to be more present in your everyday life.

Together, we will explore a range of relaxation techniques, guided meditations, and mindfulness exercises that can be incorporated into your daily routines helping you to connect with feelings of inner stillness, joy and love. You will discover a new energy and a new love to life itself, returning to your natural state of mind and body; one of effortless calm and peacefulness.

There’s no right or wrong way to ‘do’ meditation, and you can’t ‘get it right’. It’s ok for your mind to wander, it’s ok to feel emotional, and it’s ok to fall asleep. The course is open to all levels, from beginners to those who have an established meditation practice. It is ideal for anyone struggling to keep up with the demands of modern life or cope with health issues – or those who simply want to experience more peace and contentment.

The group size will be kept small to maintain an intimate and supportive atmosphere. Through the course you will develop new skills for life, such as, different ways to let go off tension and relax, how to defuse from your negative thought patterns, and the importance of self compassion & love. 



5-week course beginning Friday 16th March – April 20th (with a break 30th March for Good Friday Bank Holiday)



Pilates on the Go; 25b Osiers Road, Wandsworth,London, SW18 1NR


The full 5-week course is £125. Payment and bookings can be made with Margot via the studio.

I look forward to sharing this wonderful and safe space with you 🙂


With all my love


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