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Hey guys, I am so excited that my profile at The Light Centre Belgravia is now LIVE for Hypnotherapy.

The Light Centre is a well renowned and established wellness centre that provides a comprehensive, one-stop shop for holistic and preventative healthcare, providing local people with all their holistic health needs in one place. The centre believes that rather than waiting for disease to strike, people should monitor their health and be supported in putting together, and continually working on, a health-improvement plan; one that embraces physical, functional and mental aspects, and encourages a healthy curiosity for, and understanding of, life and our own sense of purpose.

By providing a diverse range of classes, therapies, contemplations and experiences, they provide many pathways to self-awareness and thus self-development. Every different discipline at the Centre attracts a different audience, but all act as gateways to each other and together they open up a world of self-discovery and a chance to better understand and thus release ourselves from the tensions and pressures of the modern world.


  • Solution Focused & Evidence Based Hypnotherapy
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Meditation and Creative Visualisation
  • Relaxation Therapy & Stress Management
  • Transformational Life Coaching
  • Reconnecting with your Life

Monday 11-2pm
E: alexandra@aeglemind.co.uk
W: www.aeglemind.co.uk

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Transformational Coaching
£80 Initial Consultation – 60 mins
£280 x4 Sessions
£400 x6 Sessions

Meditation & Relaxation Therapy
£60 Initial Consultation – 60 mins
£200 x4 Sessions

My work is based upon a core belief that when we still our mind and body we can access our essential nature of happiness and wellbeing. It is my intention for every client to experience a lasting change long after the sessions have finished.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is the integration of CBT and Hypnosis designed to give your overburdened mind the tools it needs to replace unwanted feelings of anxiety and low mood with more positive and helpful thoughts. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, enjoyable and highly rewarding process which honours the individuality of the client. Transformative coaching encourages you to change the way you see and experience the world enabling you to live a full and appreciative life.

My practice draws upon many therapeutic traditions, including Mindfulness, Principle Based Psychology and Presence Intelligence. In a session with me, you can expect to experience a variety of techniques, such as hypnosis, meditation, guided visualisation, breath work and relaxation therapy. This integrated and individually tailored approach will leave you feeling wonderfully connected, restored and present.

I am fully registered with the GHR and CNHC.

If you’re interested in, or know someone that is looking for some direction and change, get in touch  

Much love xxx


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