Love Your Life

Dissatisfaction is a huge cause of unhappiness.

I want a new dress.

I need a new car.

Her job is better, she gets paid more.

I wish I could go on all those holidays.

Her clothes are so much prettier than mine.

If only I could be that confident.





Living in such a technologically advance society is wonderful on so many levels. But the link between the rise of social media, depression, jealousy and general life dissatisfaction is on the increase. Unfortunately we have started to interact more with our phones that our friends and family. We let one another know what we are doing via photos and status updates. Why phone when a photo say so much more than words?


But do they really?

I have never once felt compelled to

take a quick snap of me hoovering my lounge to share on Instagram. Or write a status about ……. And that is because people only post things that get others to perceive them in the way they want to be seen. Always ask yourself – is that really true?


Most likely, when you are doing something you really enjoy, you forget to take a picture. Or perhaps you realise that the moment is simply enough being remembered by you and the people involved.

And another thing worth noting, is we tend to only do a long Facebook trawl or Instagram scroll when we are bored. So yes, looking at someone on the beach, or someone eating something delicious, in fact pretty much anything is going to seem more exciting than what you are currently doing. So you are more likely to feel jealous and unsatisfied.


So Love Yourself

Wake up every morning and love yourself.


Remind yourself that you are exactly where you need to be.

Remind yourself that you have all you need inside of you already to be completely and totally happy.

Remind yourself to focus on the positives and the good things in your life.


The easiest way to do this, is each night before you go to bed, write down three things you are grateful for from that day and one thing that you are excited about from tomorrow.

This can be something as simple as ;I am grateful I made it through the day’.

But be honest and think hard about your choices. Within no time, you will find yourself noticing things throughout the day that you are grateful for and you will start feeling more happy and blessed in yourown life and skin. As soon as you fill your life with love and joy, you will fall in love with your life and yourself.


So love yourself 🙂

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