Month of Love – Yoga & Kindness

17 February 2020

Have you ever noticed how you are so much tougher on yourself than your partner, friends, family, colleagues? Or how you seem to set yourself higher standards?    We find it easy to accept the flaws and imperfections of the people we love. Comforting words and actions come naturally to us when our friend gets…

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Month of Love – Cultivate Self Love

12 February 2020

Why do we find it so hard to love ourselves?   Is it because we are confronted on an hourly basis of what we should look like, what we should be eating, should be wearing?   Or is it because in our culture, self love is often seen as selfish and self absorbed?   But…

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Month of Love – Quotes to Inspire Self Love

02 February 2020

February – the month of love! Cupid’s bow, love hearts and romantic cards on every street corner, in every shop window.   Promotions telling you to show your love with a delicious box of chocolates or to buy your loved one the newest tech gadget.   I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day;…

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28 January 2020

I have some pretty big and exciting news!   I’m moving to Denver!   But don’t worry, it’s only for three months.   Moving abroad has been a dream of mine for some years in order to experience a different environment to the fast paced, busy lifestyle of London. For as long as I can…

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Jul 7 2017

Give Yourself Permission to Relax

Giving ourselves permission to relax is not something the average modern person allows for. There is not enough time in the day to fit in ...

Jul 5 2017

Your Thoughts Do Not Define You

It's easy to get trapped in the idea that we are our thoughts and feelings. But the truth is - we are who we are. ...

Jun 28 2017

*EVENT* Guided Meditation

Come join us and let go of all the thoughts and worries that are not serving you right now. Simply be here and now whilst ...

Jun 16 2017

5 Myths of Meditation

For years I struggled with the idea of ‘clearing my head’ and ‘not thinking’ whilst trying to meditate. So I gave up. Despite all the ...

Jun 5 2017

*EVENT* Guided Meditation – Rest & Relaxation

Come join us in a beautiful venue for an evening of guided relaxation.   Let go of all your worries and simply be whilst you ...

Jun 1 2017

Coming Soon!!

Super excited to share what's coming with you!