Month of Love – Yoga & Kindness

17 February 2020

Have you ever noticed how you are so much tougher on yourself than your partner, friends, family, colleagues? Or how you seem to set yourself higher standards?    We find it easy to accept the flaws and imperfections of the people we love. Comforting words and actions come naturally to us when our friend gets…

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Month of Love – Cultivate Self Love

12 February 2020

Why do we find it so hard to love ourselves?   Is it because we are confronted on an hourly basis of what we should look like, what we should be eating, should be wearing?   Or is it because in our culture, self love is often seen as selfish and self absorbed?   But…

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Month of Love – Quotes to Inspire Self Love

02 February 2020

February – the month of love! Cupid’s bow, love hearts and romantic cards on every street corner, in every shop window.   Promotions telling you to show your love with a delicious box of chocolates or to buy your loved one the newest tech gadget.   I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day;…

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28 January 2020

I have some pretty big and exciting news!   I’m moving to Denver!   But don’t worry, it’s only for three months.   Moving abroad has been a dream of mine for some years in order to experience a different environment to the fast paced, busy lifestyle of London. For as long as I can…

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Oct 24 2019

A Practice of Gratitude

As we saw from last week's post, the benefits of Gratitude on our physical, mental and emotional health is profound. But the best part is, ...

Oct 17 2019

How Gratitude Changes Your Life

How wonderful that a practice as simple as expressing our gratitude can have such an impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing.    "People who ...
Yin Yoga

Oct 10 2019

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a style of Yoga that, in recent years, has become increasingly popular. But what exactly is it?   Perhaps you are familiar ...

Oct 3 2019

Sleep Series: Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep hygiene are healthy habits that promote a good night’s rest. In the last two posts we have looked at the importance of sleep, what ...

Sep 26 2019

Sleep Series: Common Mistakes that Impact our Sleep

Common mistake Whether you never get to sleep, or awake repeatedly throughout the night, poor quality sleep can affect everything from mood to memory, hormones ...

Sep 18 2019

Sleep Series: Why is it So Important?

You may not be aware of the impact that sleep has on our health and wellbeing, but I’m sure you know the feeling of waking ...

Sep 9 2019

*EVENT* Finding the Balance: Yin & Yang

Saturday 5th October 11am - 1pm   The approach of the Autumn Equinox serves as a gentle reminder to live in harmony with nature. It is ...

Sep 5 2019

September & Letting Go

The first week of September has always felt like the end of summer with the holidays over and children going back to school. But it ...

Aug 22 2019

STOP – Managing Your Anxiety

STOP The other day I was reading Mark Williams and Danny Penman's book on Mindfulness. It stated a fact that said by 2020, stress and ...