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What You Seek is Seeking You

Last May my sister went on a girls holiday to Lisbon and came across these beautifully hand painted cards with poems of Rumi written upon them. She knows how much I love his poetry and selected one for me, thinking it was relevant to where I was in my life. I had heard the lines before a thousand times, but when she gave it to me it was like hearing it again for the first time.


What you seek, is seeking you!


These were words I desperately needed to be reminded of at the time.

And always.

And now as we enter a new year and my mind is filled with life plans, intentions and dreams, this card fell into my hands once again, reminding me that what I seek, is seeking me also. 


Reminding me to slow down and breathe.


This simple and beautiful line invites us to think firstly of what it is we really seek in life. What it is that sets our hearts and minds on fire? What is it that will really make this life worth living?


Now it’s not often that we allow ourselves the indulgence to think of the answer to these questions honestly. Often they tend to be vague or fantastical.


But what this short poem also does, is open up the possibility of another world, another reality in which everything we seek, is seeking us with just as much force and energy. It is inevitable that they will collide with explosive desires. The way I see it, the universe has already destined our fates. Perhaps even, it is that which makes us curious to seek it in the first place.


Now this doesn’t mean that everything you wish for will fall into your lap tomorrow, but like this card did, there are constant reminders that the universe is working in our favour if you just open your mind to the possibility of it. 🙂 You have to work hard and act on every opportunity that comes your way. But it does help relieve the pressure we put upon ourselves of having to do something. When we ‘have’ to do something, it becomes a chore, we become blind to opportunities and we lose the joy it ought to bring us.


Remember, your desires are divinely inspired.

Every person we have met and decision we have made, are why we are where we are and who we are today.

You see, things come to us in their own time. If we are constantly searching and seeking, we take away the pleasure of what will inevitably happen.


It illustrates the power behind a mind and heart set on fire with belief, trust and faith that being present to what is in the now indeed creates the future I desire – Magdalena Bak-Maier, PhD


Remember also, that happiness and wisdom are inside or you already, your essence is happiness and wisdom. It does not come with more money, more love or more holidays.


So, what is it that you are seeking?

And just breathe….


Because the universe is seeking you out too!

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