The practice of yoga and meditation have been like intimate friends supporting me through difficult moments and life's challenges. From the age of seventeen, I have found myself returning to yoga again and again as a respite from the demands of life. The more I practiced, the more I discovered. What started as simply a way of exercising or escaping became the most nourishing way to calm and understand the workings of my anxious mind.


I always knew at some point I would do my Yoga Teacher Training but I did not know when and in what capacity.


Loving the sun and an excuse to get away, I had imagined that I would find a training somewhere exotic like Bali or India, the birthplace of Yoga. I would spend hours researching locations and dates finding ways that I could fit it into my ever growing schedule. When it came to it, however, I decided to find one locally, with teachers I knew and loved, and with the possibility of meeting like-minded people who lived nearby. And so I chose The Power Yoga Company a studio I have worked with, practiced with and most importantly, with teachers I respected.


Before I began my teacher training I had no intention to teach yoga as part of what I do. It was something for me; to deepen my practice and gain more understanding of myself, the breath and meditation. It was maybe four or five days in to the course, when I taught a short sequence to a small group of people that I knew, in a heart beat, that I would be passionate about teaching yoga. Since completing my training I have enjoyed nothing more than reading around the philosophy and the postures, playing around with sequencing, pushing my own personal practice in ways I had never dreamed of before. I feel so blessed to be able to share my flows with yogis of all levels and ages.


For me, yoga has always been so much more than the physical postures. It has been a space in which my mind quietens and I connect to this deep rooted place within me where I know that everything is OK. Naturally this is the flavour of my yoga teaching. My style of teaching is a strong and mindful flow with an emphasis on the breath and how a posture makes the individual feel. I am gentle and intuitive, supporting my students to find a deep connection, love and appreciation of the mind and body in all moments. I often infuse my classes with doTerra essential oils to complement the theme or season ensuring that you get the most out of your practice.


I am not interested in people coming to class as a punishment of their body. Rather I hope to encourage my students to develop a love and acceptance of their physical, mental and emotional bodies.


My intention is to use the physical practice of asana to teach valuable life lessons that can be translated to off the mat.

My hope is to guide my students into the same, tranquil bliss that I return to again and again through my practice of yoga.


Since completing my Yoga Teacher Training I have taught classes for companies such as Conde Nast and John Lewis but nothing gives me more joy than working one on one with an individual, guiding them through this incredible journey.

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